"A brain on fire;
illuminated by purpose."

Ignite Your Future

The world is a truly fascinating place and you are a magnificent ball of energy. Beyond human conditioning, you have the capacity to become anything you can dream of. Our dreams are glimpses of future reality. 

The Interpretation of Dreams

So why do we deny ourselves the realisation of our dreams? Why do we tell ourselves it is not meant for us when our subconscious so clearly wants to bring us closer to it? 

We are all born into a human body, and with minimal education about how our mind and body works we are expected to go forth and find success in a world where everyone else is doing the same. 

Sometimes we have perfect clarity about what we want in our life, other times the future is not so clear. 

So how do we interpret the signs? How do we know we are following illusion or something real? How do we find true satisfaction in life?

Reclaim Your Resources

Tension in the mind creates tension in the body. Holding tension anywhere takes energy. Energy that given the choice you would prefer to expend elsewhere. 

We accumulate tension throughout our busy days, but letting it go, letting all of it go, sometimes we never achieve that. We carry tension through our entire lives because it is embedded so deeply within us that we don’t know how to release it. 

What is firenapse?

This site is a catalogue of useful information to support your personal development path. Our aim is to equip you with tools and techniques to support your self-development and expansion of self-knowledge. 

There is too much suffering in the world, too much confusion and too many crossed wires. So many conflicts could be avoided if we knew more about how we communicate, and how we interpret our emotions and our experience of the world. 

All Is Found In Slowing Down

The false claim that productivity means faster and faster has brought us to the edge of a teetering abyss. The systems we created out of efficiency are interfering with the natural processes of our world. 

As this is true in machinery and mass production, so it is also true in our personal systems and routines. Within them we reproduce success, but what happens when success no longer looks like it used to? 

Doing the same thing we have always done and expecting different results is the definition of madness. But doing something new feels scary and unfamiliar.

And slowing down, when we feel such a strong desire to keep up. Some days it seems easier to put up with the discomfort of discontentment in the hope that some power out of our control will suddenly make decisions for us. 

But if it already feels wrong, why wait for the universe to intervene? Why not take action today to evolve your reality? 

Change is the only constant. We are not the same person we were yesterday. 

But change requires energy and if all our energy is drawn out into the world, how can we ever reclaim enough to meet the demands of personal change and evolution? 

Stop. Look. Listen. 

Cross over into a new reality. Everything you dream of is waiting for you there. 

One Mindset. A World of Possibilities.











Clarify: We are all planets spinning in our own orbits. We learned to spin in many different ways and our compositions, although similar, are different on every single level. Clarifying communication, seeking clarity in our personal understanding and the understanding of others has limitless potential to improve the quality of our lives. 

Take Back Control Of Your Time
Unlock Your Full Potential

Level Up Your Mindset

1-2-1 Coaching

Unlock Your Full Potential
Navigate change, address patterns of dissatisfaction and enhance your quality of life.

My goal is to support you to discover exactly what you want in life and equip you with all the tools you need to step boldly into the future. 

The Firenapse Mission

I started Firenapse as a vehicle to explore and support human performance. Working as a music teacher, I helped students navigate challenges related to technique and mindset. Getting good at anything takes time. It requires consistent effort over a prolonged period of time. 

Knowing this fact is one thing, but living it, through the ups and downs, is another thing. For such a journey we need fuel to keep burning bright. 

During the process of learning we combust and internalise information to form knowledge. Knowledge gathered from the world helps us understand ourselves better. 

Deepening self knowledge alleviates suffering. Making sense out of the world. We learn the rules so we can go beyond them. 

We are not our appearance, or our job title, or our possessions. We are spheres of energy having a human experience on earth. 

May you find the courage to burn away that which does not resemble your true nature. And from those ashes of illusion, may you discover the unique essence of your beautiful soul. 

Hi, I'm Sam

I’ve served as a music tutor and performer for the last 15 years. I’ve helped hundreds of students to achieve their musical dreams, join bands, pass grade exams, and bring music into their lives. 

Now I bring the power of music to my coaching. I help curious individuals tap into their own internal musical power and utilise it to build unstoppable confidence and paint a vibrant and exciting new future. Music is far more than notes and instruments, music is a state of mind. Adopt that state of mind, and you will discover music is everywhere. 

I often find clients come to me when they want to tackle big dreams and challenges in their lives. My speciality is to reflect ambitious plans clearly, help identify inconsistencies and hold a tempo where new connections surface naturally. 

My fundamental belief is that coaching has the power to turn dreams into reality. 

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