Questions That Light Up The Brain

Questions That Light Up The Brain

Musical Discovery Session

Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Music You Love

The music we love forms a portal into our deeper feelings and motives that are normally hidden below the surface. By exploring these portals, perhaps we can draw a greater understanding of what is important to us, what motivates us and what brings us to life. 

Since coaching is all about expressing yourself on a deeper level than is possible in everyday conversation, music serves as the soundtrack to these thoughts. It opens doors into the subconscious. It brings to light things that we respond to each day, but have long since forgotten the origins. If we wish to start changing behaviour and bringing dreams to life, then maybe music is the perfect place to start? 

How Does it Work?

Choose 5 songs that move you in some way. Or share some specific styles of music and how they make you feel. 

It is best to choose songs that have a powerful effect on you. Or songs that you like, but really can’t understand why. They don’t necessarily have to be your favourite songs, although it is fine to include them too. 

We’ll spend 90 minutes talking about what the songs mean to you, how they make you feel, what they remind you of and when you listen to them. 

What Insights Does This Create?

We all appreciate music in different ways and we all have our own unique soundtrack. I pose the idea that your external soundtrack can help reveal your internal soundtrack. Through listening more closely, we can tune into the music of the mind and the symphony that plays within. 

Sometimes when we are unhappy, overjoyed, or seeking a certain emotional release, choosing a particular song, or style of music can help us align with the expression of our desired mood.

Songs serve as anchors to the past. Events, states of mind. They also have a physiological effect on the body. Some music is heady and stimulates the mind, other music is groovy and moves the body.

We can explore: how the music makes you feel, the effect it has on your behaviour and actions, what it reminds you of, who it reminds you of, what else it connects you to.

Exploring the Music Metaphor Internally


Songs can be quite special. This might not be for you if you’d prefer to just appreciate the songs for what they are without delving any deeper. From someone who has had to dissect and breakdown songs into pieces for the last 20 years to learn them, this process can affect your appreciation of a song short-term but in my experience long-term, it has only deepened my appreciation of music. 

Setup and Terms

How to Book Your Session

1. Choose Your Time & Pay For Your Session

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2. Choose Your 5 Songs

Have a think about the music that moves you and choose 5 songs using the form below.

Fill out as many or as few songs as you like.
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To get an idea of how this works and what it can be used to explore here are some choice cuts from my personal soundtrack. Try not to laugh. I have deliberately chosen songs I listen to more on my own because they allow me to live parts of myself that may be unheard in public. 

And the wonderful thing is, there is just so much to explore! These links I have identified here are probably just scratching the surface of what the music means to me. For one song can remind of another. Beyond the individual songs, music is a language with its own metaphors, common phrases and visual imagery. Songs draw on what has gone before to tap into the subconscious of an entire society.