Case Studies & Testimonials

"I have used life coaching twice in the past and had really good outcomes on career goals. When I started coaching with Sam, I decided to try something different, and work on an aspect of self-confidence that has been niggling at me for a while. I had never shared it with anyone because it felt such a small, silly thing. It took personal courage from me to make it the “thing I wanted to talk about”. Sam gave me a lot of space, through silence, to talk through current and recent events, and to make associations between different experiences. The silences, his questions and his insights helped me join the dots and come up with new ways to think about what happens with me in my low-confidence situations. I am so pleased with where I got to. Even though I started out thinking this was a tiny thing, I feel like I have taken a stone out of my shoe, and I am moving forward with increased confidence and sense of lightness."
Caroline King
Retired Human Resources Manager
"I had worked with a lot of coaches before and not got the results I wanted, which had put me off working with anyone else. I came across Sam and really resonated with his work, so I decided to go for it.

Sam’s approach is very professional, practical, and is very genuine about helping us create the results we set for ourselves. I really enjoyed the sessions and would look forward to having them. It really helps when someone else is on board with you working towards something that's important to you too.

Sam is also intuitive, which made it easier for me to relax into and trust the process, as well as myself and Sam. He asks really great quality questions which helped me to think beyond myself.

I would highly recommend Sam and wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again. The results speak for themselves and for anyone who has that resonance too I would say go for it. You have everything to gain."
Lisa Fernandez
Holistic Interior Designer